Beyond than the Net: Tourism is Much More

Beyond than the Net: Tourism is Much More

The conference “Beyond the Net: Tourism is Much More“, organized by the Municipality of Cavallino-Treporti, Venice, took place on November 10th at the Centro Polifunzionale in Ca ‘Savio.

It was an important meeting point for business and tourism services of the municipality to take stock of the positive summer season just ended, from a continuous professional growth of services to the territory and to the person.

Abandoned the usual tables of speakers of the past, in the meeting held by Elisa Borri and moderated by Luca Ginetto vice-editor-in-chief Rai Tgr Veneto, the Mayor Roberta Nesto, the Director of Tourism, Veneto Region Mauro Viti, the Director of CISET Ca’Foscari took part dr. ssa Mara Manente, the President of the Consorzio Parco Turistico Paolo Bertolini, The Consultant of the Municipality in the matter of Tourism Roberto Perocchio, the Municipal Councilor, Project Manager of Patentino Ospitalità Angela Lazzarini and the Councilor of the Environment, Culture and Tourism sector in the synergy Alberto Ballarin.

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In very easy format an interesting moment of confrontation with high prospective especially in the words of Alberto Ballarin, about formation and culture to improve the ability to be hospitable.
A moment not to tell us that we are good, as Cavallino Treporti has kept the presence forever, has arrived in Egypt or Tunisia, but the bar has been raised again, making a square on the enhancement of the entire territory of Veneto as a system with a biodiversity and a geomorphology so heterogeneous that it is unique in the world.

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Even Paolo Bertolini, gave a great contribution to the discussion, or a theme that certainly makes the difference in the medium term, or the resolution of ground mobility for Cavallino Treporti. With such a important airport like Marco Polo of Venice, a work table has already been presented to achieve a goal that makes us closer and closer to the rest of Europe.

Other speed, same landscape, but shorter construction times instead, for the bike path along the lagoon that goes from Cavallino to Punta Sabbioni.
A the strong theme of the Mayor Nesto, which announces the start of work for next spring.

Here is the personal comment of Gianluca Orazio, CEO of E-PestControl, of E-Gardening and of Forme d’Acqua, “Doing this work will certainly be easy, now with the technology and the architectural and constructive history of our country, make a work is only a matter of time, but the theme is true to communicate it. This will become one of the most beautiful tracks in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, always.
A work of this importance if correctly communicated a problem is in search of a unique and exclusive tourist destination, can have a disruptive effect on our habits and numbers of tourist presences. My opinion is therefore to designed together structure and communication.

e-pestcontrol-convegno10112018-turismo-47-1024x683The course of the Convention was officially presented by Angela Lazzarini the vast program of the training program Patentino dell’Ospitalità 2018/2019, to which we also have the pleasure to participate with E-gardening with three meetings entitled “The open air habitat, how to enhance the “green” heritage, the key to success.
Registration for this hospitality certificate 2018/2019 is open to everyone and at this LINK you can find the program and all related information.

To close the meeting the presentation of an original video that tells where we live, where we are host.
Commissioned by the Municipality and the Tourist Park, created and presented by the director Tommaso Giusto was acclaimed with a standing ovation.
The emotions have passed and now our job is to make them pass with the same own skill.

Next week the launch on the sites and social and there are participants a great deal of sharing.

Stay tuned.

See you in Cavallino Treporti.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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