A new partnership for Forme d’Acqua in Tehran, Iran

A new partnership for Forme d’Acqua in Tehran, Iran

Now it has to be said: during the days while Iran was divided in the election campaign Rouhani vs Raisi, Forme d’Acqua has partnered with a showroom in Tehran. Located in the heart of luxury in Northern Tehran, it will be a landmark for our iranian curstomers and collaborators. It has been a gradual and in-depth knowledge, that lasted over one year, between the Farsa Novin Aria company and us of Forme d’Acqua.

Mr Farsai, a weighted and meticulous person, is far more than the owner of the company, he is a professional since 2000 (1379) with the mission of bringing European brands products to the Iranian market. The selection of products displayed in his showroom ranges from office furniture, lighting, to luxurious furnishings. Le Sirene – our collection of luxury interior fountains – will be part of this selection with a touch of Venetianity and technology: they are managed by a complex technological system, similarly to the German and Spanish products that have long been appreciated by the Iranian customers who frequent the atelier.

To find a partner for us means empathizing with him and sharing the same values of honesty and fairness, because the turnover performance is not enough to build the foundation of a relationship, either in Italy or elsewhere.

Farsa Novin Aria and Forme d’Acqua combine to reinvent the concept of artistic fountain, a luxury decorative object that can thrill and enrich the environments in which it is inserted. Architects, interior designers and, why not, all fans of the beauty and the irresistible charm of water will be able to talk in Farsi (as well as in a perfect German and English) to Mr Farsai, who will be able to advise you, treat you patiently and assist you in importing and post-sales.

Susanna Dei Rossi

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