Forme d’Acqua wants to shape your ideas, creating fountains able to give excitement and add value to the selected locations. We wants the word “fountain” to become synonym for sustainability and reliability Discover About forme d’acqua

Our Project

Guarantee always by your side

Forme d’Acqua wants to shape your ideas, creating fountains able to give excitement and add value to the selected locations.

We wants the word “fountain” to become synonym for sustainability and reliability

We want to have our customers at the center of the process, following them in all the steps and to give them security and assistance, always

Reliability and security

We are professionals of water.

Innovation and research are at the basis of our work.
We bravely face all biggest challenges and experiment the expressive possibilities of water, with knowledge and professionalism.

We collaborate with specialized craftsmen, that share with us mutual trust, technical mastery and attention to details and finishes.

Our suppliers are carefully selected and they all are our historical partners.




We believe a fountain’s beauty is real, only when an aesthetic value comes along with its functionality and sustainability.

That is why we choose long lasting materials, selected for their quality and functionality.

We design our systems and use high efficient German technology to contain water and energy use and make our fountains reliable and safe over time.

SOA Certification

The SOA Attestation is the mandatory certification for participation in tenders for the execution of public works contracts, or a document necessary and sufficient to prove, during the tender, the company’s ability to execute, directly or in subcontracting, public works of works with an auction base amount exceeding € 150,000.00; it certifies and guarantees that the company in the construction sector possesses all the requisites envisaged by the current legislation in the field of Public Works Contracts.

The SOA Certification is valid for five years and is issued following a validation investigation of the documents produced by the company, relating to the last ten years of activity of the company by specific Certification Bodies, or companies authorized to operate by the Authority for the Supervision of Public Contracts (AVCP).

Ecosistem sas di Orazio Gianluca has obtained SOA certification for the categories:

• OG 6 – Classification II
• OS 24 – Classification II

They enable the company to compete in tenders for starting bid amounts up to the corresponding value (€ 516,000) increased by a fifth.


Ethical Code


We believe and respect people’s value, whether they are part of Forme d’Acqua team, partners, suppliers or customers.

Sharing and mutual respect are essential values to us. We passionately work together to share our knowledge, and to grow as individuals and professionals.

This allows us to face new challenges with the certainty that only a network can give.

We believe and respect the environment. We believe in the importance of protecting one of the most precious resource we have: water.
That is why sustainability and durability are fundamental in our work.

We put people at the center of our projects, through the users’ training and direct involvement so that they can be able to better manage and consciously experience, levels of comfort and consumption of energy, thanks to the use of interactive systems and home automation.


Forme d'Acqua Team

Gianluca Orazio
CEO of Ecosistem, for Forme d’Acqua he follows the development of the brand and supports the management in the commercial area. Born as a craftsman, he followed his entrepreneurial nature and the pleasure of challenges, bringing the Forme d 'Acqua brand beyond national borders. He is extremely attached to his original values: craftsmanship, attention to detail, quality care and attention to the customer.
Devis Rampazzo
Partner of Forme d 'Acqua with whom he collaborates following urban, industrial and architectural planning.
Simona Marta Favrin
Architect and designer, creative director
Partner of Forme d 'Acqua since many years, she takes care of the planning and design, applied to indoor and outdoor spaces, takes care of the scenography and color design of the water shows and features. As the creative director of Ecosistem, she coordinate the style and image of the brands.
Arnaldo Enzo
Innovation manager
He develops the technological innovations in Forme d’Acqua, follows the programming and installation of the technological and electronic systems of fountains and water games. He is specialized in the management of WEPS software and DMX, Modbus, Artnet protocols with which he realizes the set and musical design of the dancing fountains.
Andrea Bottan
Forme d’Acqua technical director
Technical director of Forme d'Acqua, he coordinates the production and the technical-production area, supervises the activity of the teams and the technological application to guarantee the quality criteria, the level of service offered to customers and respect for delivery times. He also follows the technical design of the systems.
Ilaria Targhetta
Director of Forme d’Acqua
She coordinates and manage Forme d 'Acqua, taking care of its commercial development in Italy and abroad; she supervises the design and communication activities, relations with partners, suppliers and customers and manages after-sales operations.
Susanna Dei Rossi
Press and communication, web marketing
She follows the corporate communication and all the activities related to it, from the drafting of press releases to the management of social channels. Graduated in Musicology and in Conservatory, she collaborates with the DMX programming team for the set and musical design of the dancing fountains.
Paola Orazio
Director of the economic and administrative area
She manages the administrative and financial area, the investments planning to ensure the implementation of strategies and projects. She follow the economic and administrative management and the application of regulatory requirements, also in the field of security and SOA certifications.
Gloria Rossi
Accounting administration
She deals with the administration and accounting of Ecosistem brands. She takes care of invoicing, budgets and corporate economic management.
Morris Bozzato
Installer technician
He deals with the technical implementation, installation and maintenance of the hydraulic parts of all types of fountains: ground fountains, mirrored fountains, artistic and dynamic fountains, infinity, water walls.
Riccardo Valleri
Installer technician
He deals with the construction of the hydraulic and plant engineering part of all types of fountains, from mirrored and ground fountains to dancing and musical fountains, following the assembly, installation and maintenance of mechanical and plumbing systems.
Diego Munerotto
Surveyor and installation technician
Construction site technician, he takes care of the installation of the fountains. He is responsible for the assembly, installation and maintenance of the fountains, the control of the filtration systems and the monitoring of the acidification and chlorine parameters. Thanks to his training as a surveyor, he collaborates with the technical office in the design and creation of elaborate graphics for fountains and water features.
Giosuè Facco
Electrician and installer
He deals with the installation of diagnostics and maintenance of hydraulic and electrical systems of fountains and water features, the operation of filtration systems and the control of parameters (acidification, oxygenation, chlorine).
Elia Orazio
Technical office, electrician and DMX programmer
He collaborates in the design and creation of graphic drawings of fountains and water features. He takes care of the electronic construction of the fountains and related panels, IP68 wiring, data cables. He collaborates with the DMX programming team for the scenographic and musical design of the dancing fountains.
Raffaele Franzato
Partner of Forme d’Acqua, specialist in the processing of AISI 316 steel, processed with technologically advanced machinery and finished with craftsmanship and attention to detail.


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We fell in love with this job: realizing unique artworks, able to touch the public. This give us the chance to grow up together is this eternal pursuit of beauty. If you like beautiful and well done design objects and want to explore the potentiality of water features, come to see us.